N/Junmai Daiginjo Genshu M/Junmai Ginjo Genshu G/Junmai Genshu H/Junmai Genshu

 Our ‘Impression’ Series was born out of a painstaking process of trial and error, to try and find a way to make a pasteurised sake which reproduces the characteristic aromas and flavours of a freshly pressed unpasteurised sake (namazake).  With a touch of pétillance from in-bottle fermentation, upon opening, these sake’s gorgeously fresh flavours dance on the palate, with each sake having its own unique taste.  The letter in the name of our ‘Impression’ Series sake comes from the name of its base sake in our Zaku range: N standing for Nakadori (‘Miyabi no Tomo’), M for ‘Megumi no Tomo’, G for ‘Gen no Tomo’, and H for ‘Ho no Tomo’.  Enjoy our ‘Impression’ Series well chilled.
  • N/Rice polishing ratio : 50% Alcohol by volume: 16%
  • M/Rice polishing ratio : 60% Alcohol by volume: 16%
  • G/Rice polishing ratio : 60% Aalcohol by volume: 16%
  • H/Rice polishing ratio : 60% Alcohol by volume: 16%