Implementation of the world’s first receiving function SHIMENAWA NFC tag.

 From April 1st, we will be shipping some products with the "SHIMENAWA NFC tag" namely Satori, Daichi, Kizui, and Zaku Grand Meister.  This tag records a unique ID number with detailed information about the products, all written on a blockchain in way that cannot be altered, allowing customers to si…


Zaku and Suzukagawa won first place awards in all categories products were submitted at the Mié Prefecture New Sake Appraisal

 The 54th New Sake Competition results announcement and its award ceremony were held at the Mié Prefecture Industrial Research Institute.  We were very honoured to receive the first place awards in all categories in which we submitted products. We will continue to brew the best quality sake.  


Our overseas efforts were published in Hoteres.

 Our article was featured in the hotel industry Web Media HOTERES.  This is the first article of a series on how to communicate Japanese culture to the world, and includes information about our company's efforts in France under the heading "How to communicate Japanese sake as a culture to the world'…


“Suzukagawa S Junmai Ginjo” and “Suzukagawa S Junmai Daiginjo” exclusively available at Tokai Aeon.

 This spring, for the opening of the Soyora Suzuka Shirako, just in front of Shirako Station in Suzuka, Suzukagawa S Junmai Ginjo and Suzukagawa S Junmai Daiginjo were renewed and are now available only at Aeon affiliated stores in the Tokai area. The label is unique to Suzuka, using traditional Ise…


The Isekado Brewery has released its second batch of craft beer using Zaku sake lees.

 The second edition of Mié's local craft beer made by Isekado Brewery, which uses sake lees from Zaku has been released.  The product was named "Sandan-Jikomi Daiginjo Sakekasu IPA Zaku". It uses Ginjo sake yeast and sake rice, performing a three-stage brewing process  (sandan-jikomi). The result is…


Highest gold award at Fine Sake Award 2024.

 This year, at the Fine Sake Award 2024, Ho no Tomo and Monad won the highest gold awards while Gen no Tomo and Kizui won gold medals.  The award ceremony was held at Akihabara UDX Gallery on April 10th, and the presenters were Ken Yokoyama of Crazy Ken Band, and Rin Takahashi, Miss Sake Akita. &nbs…


First Japanese company to sponsor Le Challenge Un Œil en Salle, a competition for service professionnals in France.

 Le Challenge Un Œil en Salle is a national competition sponsored by the French Ministry of National Education that aims to become France's one and only first-class competition dedicated to eloquence in the service industry. Our company is now cooperating as Japan's first corporate partner.  


Opening of Zaku’s official YouTube channel.

 Zaku started a new YouTube channel. We will upload brand videos that express Zaku's worldide dimensions and its paring possibilities. Please take a look and follow us. Zaku's official YouTube channel