The value of creating ‘Zaku’ together.

The times are always changing. The name ‘Zaku’ – from the character 作 meaning ‘make’ or ‘create’ – was chosen to convey the notion that the true value of sake is to be created together with the customer, not merely in the product that we, the brewery, make.
While respecting the traditions of sake brewing, we want our sake to evolve with the ever-changing times and with the diversity of people’s values, thoughts, and tastes.

Rice and water. Koji and yeast.
Complex, beautiful relationships.

Sake is made from four fundamental ingredients:
rice, water, koji (rice malt), and yeast. Within the
brewery’s koji-making room, the action of koji
spores transforms steamed rice into koji through
saccharification. Throughout this process, the
amount of water in the steamed rice is key to
determining the quality of the finished rice malt.

Then, more steamed rice, together with the koji and
water are transferred to the fermentation tank.
Further saccharification as well as alcoholic
fermentation by yeast now take place in parallel,
the composition of the unrefined sake always
changing. Accordingly, each day, we analyse the
composition of our unrefined sake must. We use all
five senses to check its taste and flavour, enabling
us to control the action of our koji and yeast.

Such a parallel fermentation process produces a
rich and complex taste and aroma that cannot be
achieved with rice alone. Indeed, it is the
equilibrium of the various components that
determines the quality of the flavour, most of all the
water. This is one reason why Zaku is brewed in
relatively small tanks, allowing us to be nimble as
we craft our sake. We strive to be as consistent as
possible, knowing that each year will provide
different challenges, whether that be the weather
outside or the character of our rice in a given

Achieving the delicate balance needed to brew our
ideal sake therefore lies in our everyday work.
Whether is it preparing for the day ahead, cleaning
up after each task, or handling our tools with care,
it is this attention to detail that holds the secret to
brewing good sake.

The essence of Zaku:
a sense of clarity and a clean finish

The Zaku range offers a wide variety of styles,
employing several different yeasts and methods of
production. What unites all Zaku sake, however, is
their mellow flavour balanced by crisp, clean
finish – always underpinned by a refined sense of
clarity. Nevertheless, we believe that the true
value of sake lies not merely in how it tastes, but
in the actions of all those who make it, sell it,
serve it, and ultimately those who enjoy it.

Just as the times are always changing, we believe
that sake should be changing too. Whatever the
present age brings, we wish to brew a sake fitting
for it.