Implementation of the world’s first receiving function SHIMENAWA NFC tag.

 From April 1st, we will be shipping some products with the "SHIMENAWA NFC tag" namely Satori, Daichi, Kizui, and Zaku Grand Meister.  This tag records a unique ID number with detailed information about the products, all written on a blockchain in way that cannot be altered, allowing customers to si…


First Japanese company to sponsor Le Challenge Un Œil en Salle, a competition for service professionnals in France.

 Le Challenge Un Œil en Salle is a national competition sponsored by the French Ministry of National Education that aims to become France's one and only first-class competition dedicated to eloquence in the service industry. Our company is now cooperating as Japan's first corporate partner.  


Dedication of Komodaru to the Fukuta Shrine, which completed its reconstruction.

 The Fukada Shrine, which enshrines the local deity of our company, is now fully built after a 20 years period, so we dedicated komodaru (sake barrels). A video of the new Fukada Shrine has also been released.    


Receiving a new cedar ball from the Miwa Shrine.

 With the start of the new sake brewing season, we received a new sugidama (cedar ball) from the Miwa Shrine in Nara, residence of the sake divinity. With the refreshing weather, the sugidama contributes to the revitalization of our brewing spirit.


A step forward with a new facility.

 We have been rebuilding the brewery along with the head office since 2019, and renovation work is now completed. We received a lot of cooperation from everyone at “Mieken Jinkai”, the local community’s association, that contributed to the design, and we are truly grateful for the wonderful new sake…