5th year of the Reiwa era (Brewing year 2023) Release of Zaku’s “new sake” (freshly made sake) .

This year again will be offered the Zaku Junmai Daiginjo SAKE NOUVEAU (2023BY) for the 5th year of the Reiwa era. This new Zaku sake is brewed with freshly harvested rice and expresses young and floral flavours. The design of Zaku's new sake label changes every year. This time, it was inspired by th…


Release of Suzukagawa’s New Sake Shiboritate (BY2023)

 The Sake Brewing Year 5 of the Reiwa era (BY2023) saw the release of the new sake Suzukagawa Shiboritate. A unique freshness from the Shiboritate (Lit. "just filtered") brewed with this year's new rice. *Shipping will begin around mid-November.    


A special sake to enjoy special moments : New release of the Zaku Kizui.

 Kizui is a mysterious omen phenomenon of something exciting about to happen. The sake is gentle with a refreshing aroma and a clear taste. The moment one feels it, all of a sudden a reminiscent image appears with a pleasant length.  Yamada Nishiki rice is used exclusively and is polished at 35%. We…


New ZAKU Z (Junmai Ginjo), releasing the next level of design and refinement.

 The ZAKU Z (Junmai Ginjo) has been renewed with further refinement of taste and design. A Junmai Ginjo sake with a fruity aroma that spreads in the nose while providing a refreshing aftertaste alongwith a nice Kire. A high-quality sake sealed in a wine bottle, colouring new scenes of casual sake en…


4rd year of the Reiwa era (Brewing year 2022) Release of Zaku’s “new sake” (freshly made sake) and Suzukagawa’s shiboritate.

 This year, we have released the new Zaku Shinshu Junmai Daiginjo SAKE NOUVEAU (2022BY).  Brewed with freshly harvested rice, it features a youthful and gorgeous refreshing taste. The label design changes for every production, and this year, Ise Katagami patterns of old plums and pine trees are deco…


Zaku Sake Nouveau 2021 (Junmai Daiginjo) Now on Sale

 This year’s (2021 Brewing Year) Zaku Junmai Daiginjo Sake Nouveau is now available for purchase. Brewed with the new harvest rice, our Sake Nouveau has an undeniably fresh, lively, and gorgeous character.  Every year, we change the design of our Sake Nouveau labels, and this year we chose a brighte…


A new look for Zaku and Suzukagawa

 From 1 October 2021, all of our products will feature our new branding and packaging, as pictured below. The bold calligraphy was painted by Mr. Koushi Hasegawa, the third president of the Japan Shokyoin. In addition, all products sold in 720ml bottles will be replaced by 750ml bottles, though thei…


Another bountiful harvest in Suzuka

 The rice harvest has arrived once again. Our harvest in Suzuka typically comes earlier than in other Japanese rice-growing regions, but with the arrival of prolonged showers in August, it was delayed slightly this year. The first batch of freshly pressed sake, brewed with this year's new rice, will…