Daiginjo Shizukudori

 This sake is made by hanging the fermented sake mash (moromi) in a cloth bag, and carefully collecting the juice which drips freely under gravity, without any pressing. The Yamada Nishiki rice is polished away so that only 40% of the grain remains and is brewed slowly at a low temperature. The result is a brew that takes time and effort to perfect.  This sake has a gorgeous fragrance of jasmine and daffodil, with a subtle sweetness and a fresh acidity that harmonises elegantly with a jewel-like transparency of flavour. Finely balancing richness and crispness, this is a highly aromatic, almost ethereal Daiginjo sake.
  • Made exclusively from Yamada Nishiki rice
  • Rice polishing ratio : 40%
  • Alcohol by volume : 16%