5th year of the Reiwa era (Brewing year 2023) Release of Zaku’s “new sake” (freshly made sake) .

This year again will be offered the Zaku Junmai Daiginjo SAKE NOUVEAU (2023BY) for the 5th year of the Reiwa era. This new Zaku sake is brewed with freshly harvested rice and expresses young and floral flavours.

The design of Zaku’s new sake label changes every year. This time, it was inspired by the deep fermentation process needed to make sake, and the abyssal breath of life.

The labels were printed using the P4E System, a VOC-free printing technology based on waterless printing promoted by Toray Industries, Inc. Although it is a small effort, the label contributes to the achievement of the SDGs by reducing CO2 emissions, improving the working environment, and so on.

*Shipping will begin around mid-November.



Butterfly Mark https://www.waterless.jp/personal/personal_butterfly/

TORAY IMPRIMA® https://www.printingsystem.toray/ja/products/imprima/